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Join our 15x15 Campaign to become a Dream Maker



In 2016 Tia Chucha’s turned 15!This is cause for celebration. We have been witness to a full circle of heartfelt efforts, struggles, and beautiful moments that have colored the landscape along this journey. Moved by a deep ache for creative authenticity and sense of social justice, our founders set out to fill the void carved by a legacy of historical neglect of Northeast San Fernando Valley’s community gifts. Fifteen years ago they created a space where the arts embrace and nurture the intrinsic dignity found in all individuals. What an honor it’s been to serve as a catalyst for a blossoming community held together by the tender and imaginative language of the heart.


Over the years Tia Chucha’s has served as a meeting place for people of all walks of life moved by a common hunger for meaning and change. This has created a hub of giving and receiving. Many participate to varying degrees in our many cultural center offerings. Some, like our volunteers and facilitators, passionately give of themselves to shape the continual unfolding of our various programs and activities. Others lend the labor of their hands in the maintenance of the physical space that houses this vision. Still others give of themselves financially to support the material and logistical longevity of this labor of love. This circle of caretakers is both the fire and water that has helped sustain our efforts all these years. We thank everyone for their valuable contributions. Because of you, Tia Chucha’s has persevered and succeeded as a cultural beacon.




This year, to further our continued capacity to serve and in celebration of our 15th anniversary, we are launching a “15 for 15” campaign. Today, humbly and in gratitude, we invite you--and as many people as you can encourage--to join our Dream Makers membership circle and pledge $15 a month for at least a year. We ask for this commitment because support from and for the community we serve is much needed to sustain our ongoing efforts. Like you, Tia Chucha’s knows how to make a little go a long way. This pledge--of less than 50 cents a day--multiplied by many pledgers every month would make a big difference.


Imagine with us how amazing it would be to stress less over competitive non-profit grants knowing that people like you have our back! With your help Tia Chucha’s will continue providing free and low cost cultural arts programming and literacy experiences to the residents of the North East San Fernando Valley and beyond.




In exchange for your monthly pledge of support, you will be eligible for special Tia Chucha benefits.


Benefits for a monthly pledge of $15 to $100:


15% discount on book purchases.

1 complimentary copy of our most recent Tia Chucha Press publication.

Priority access to any complimentary tickets gifted to Tia Chucha’s.


Benefits for a monthly pledge of $100 or more:

20% discount on book purchases.

2 complimentary copies of our 2 most recent Tia Chucha Press publications.

Priority access to any complimentary tickets gifted to Tia Chucha’s.

1 complimentary ticket to our annual fundraiser.

Recognition on our website

You may sign up to become a Dream Maker donor on this page. Thanks for your support!

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